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    Many employers believe that employment law is unnecessarily complex, changes too often and the guidance to assist them understanding and implementing their legal obligations is unclear.

    Getting the best advice is vital. You need a specialist employment lawyer to guide you through your legal obligations as an employer. I am a genuine specialist in employment law. It is all I do.

    My service is designed particularly with smaller businesses in mind. They recognise the importance of complying with employment law but may not have the expertise or resources to keep track of changes in the law or to implement them.  I can provide them with the support they need to meet their obligations.

    I take pride in delivering a quality personal service that is straightforward and practical. Use me if you want expert advice communicated clearly and effectively using everyday words.

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    Since I qualified as a solicitor in 1983, I have been helping employers to comply with their employment law obligations in a way that supports their business objectives, protects their reputation and minimises disruption to their operations.

    My extensive experience includes work with clients in financial services, manufacturing, IT, retail, construction, charity, health, sport and education.

    The services I provide to employers include:

    • preparing all types of employment contracts and policies, ensuring that they are always compliant with current law and best practice
    • guidance with everyday employment issues affecting employees, such as disciplinary and grievance matters
    • explaining the employment law aspects of business disposals, acquisitions and outsourcing arrangements
    • assisting with redundancy and restructuring
    • advice about ending employment
    • personal representation in the employment tribunal

    In 2011, I started my own firm to allow me to continue to provide clients with the quality of advice and level of service associated with larger law firms but with the personal attention, flexibility and pricing that only small firms can offer.

    As a result, my clients benefit from personal service from a hugely experienced specialist at an affordable cost.



Employment Tribunal Defence

The risk of receiving an employment tribunal claim is one of the biggest fears for many small businesses.

Anxiety about large compensation awards, the complexity of the tribunal process and interruption to business fuels employers’ unease about tribunal claims.

When faced with a claim, it pays to have an expert on your side. I am a genuine specialist in employment law. It is all I do.

I offer employers effective and powerful defence of tribunal claims. It’s why I’ve been trusted by employers to safeguard their interests for 30 years.

If you end up facing a claim, I’m the expert to help you mount the most effective defence.

You can trust me always to protect your business by searching for the best possible outcome for you..

Look to me for:

  • An honest assessment of your chances of successfully defending the claim
  • Advice about how much your defence will cost you in legal fees and how much of your time will be taken up in answering the claim
  • Information about how much the employee could be awarded if they are successful
  • Skilful management of your defence
  • Powerful advocacy for you at the hearing.

Of course, prevention is better than cure and I can provide employers with straightforward practical advice to help them meet their employment law obligations. In particular, you can use me to help with the legal issues involved with:

  • taking on new employees
  • sickness, poor performance and conflicts at work
  • redundancy and other organisational change
  • discipline and dismissal

Taking on New Employees

The recruitment process is full of danger for the unwary or careless employer who may get into a contract it wishes it had not made or incur the risk of a discrimination claim from a disappointed job applicant. It may even infringe immigration controls on employing foreign workers.

I can steer employers around the legal obstacles and provide them with all the documentation they need to make new employment compliant with the law by:

  • advising employers how to avoid infringing discrimination and immigration laws when hiring new workers
  • producing different types of contracts of employment tailored to the needs of their business
  • supplying a full range of employment policies
  • providing a cost effective service for updating documents as legislation changes

Sickness, Poor Performance and Conflicts at Work

There are complex and wide ranging legal issues that can arise during the lifetime of the employment relationship which need to be managed effectively and sensitively to avoid:

  • falling productivity
  • increased absences
  • high staff turnover
  • risk of tribunal claims

I can help you comply with employment regulations governing:

  • discrimination
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • sick and disabled employees
  • poor performers
  • complaints of bullying and harassment

Redundancy and Other Organisational Change

No business stands still. During its lifetime it may have to change the terms on which employees are engaged, confront redundancy and re-structure and deal with acquisitions of new business operations or the disposal of old ones.

I can support businesses by providing procedures to manage the change process which, when used properly, provide a clear and transparent framework to deal with difficult issues including:

  • changing an employee’s terms of employment
  • managing redundancy and re-structure
  • acquiring or disposing of a business

Discipline and Dismissal

Do you avoid confronting staff about unacceptable behaviours in case they complain to an employment tribunal?

If disciplinary issues are ignored your business will suffer. If disciplinary issues are handled badly, it could result in some employees making a complaint to an employment tribunal.

It need not be like that.

Used properly, disciplinary procedures can provide a framework to deal with difficulties and ensure that everybody is dealt with fairly and consistently.
I can help by:

  • explaining the legal requirements for disciplinary procedures
  • giving guidance about dismissing fairly
  • giving advice on specific issues
  • supplying a written disciplinary procedure and all documents related to a disciplinary issue
  • minimising the potential for tribunal claims



My prices for defending unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal claims in the employment tribunal:

Simple case (e.g., where the reason for dismissal is misconduct, poor performance or redundancy): £8000 (excluding VAT)

Medium complexity case (e.g., where the claim for unfair dismissal includes a complaint of discrimination): £12000 (excluding VAT)

High complexity case (e.g., where the claimant alleges ‘whistleblowing’, or there are multiple allegations of discrimination): £17000 (excluding VAT)

In each case above, the fee is calculated by reference to my estimate of the time that will be spent carrying out the work required to complete the matter and at an hourly rate of £200.


I may recharge travel costs, accommodation and subsistence costs for attending hearings in the employment tribunal.

What work is included in the price?

  • reading the claim form, reviewing documents and advising you on merits and potential compensation (this is likely to be revisited throughout the matter)
  • taking your instructions on the claim and preparing your defence
  • exploring whether settlement can be reached and negotiating settlement through ACAS or directly with the claimant or their solicitor
  • advice to you about the claimant’s schedule of loss
  • representing you at any preliminary hearing
  • preparing the hearing bundle of documents
  • taking instructions on witness statements, drafting statements and agreeing their content with witnesses
  • reviewing and advising on the claimant’s witness statements
  • drafting any list of issues, a chronology and/or cast list
  • meeting with witnesses to familiarise them about the tribunal process
  • preparation for and attendance as your advocate at the hearing

If the claim is withdrawn or settled without some of the stages above being required, the fee will be reduced to reflect the saving in costs.

How long will the matter take to complete?

The time that it takes from your initial instructions to the final resolution depends largely on the stage at which the matter is resolved and whether a final hearing is required. For simpler cases, with shorter hearings, the matter is likely to complete within 8 months. For more complex cases involving longer hearings (or if there are preliminary issues to determine) final resolution may take 12-18 months.

Experience and qualifications of the person who will carry out the work.

The work will be carried out personally and exclusively by me.  I have been a solicitor since 1983 and have defended businesses in the employment tribunal for more than 35 years.


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